Roasted Pigs

Always an attention getter, from 25 pounds for a small gathering to 100 pounds for a company party. We use only the best-of-the-best pigs, stuffed with your choice of kolbassi, chicken, or fruits and vegetables. Each pig is placed in our original Pig-Nic box to transport.


The heart of our business is our family of hams starting from the finest corn-fed hogs to be found, we then trim them to your exact specifications, making our boneless hams 96% to 97% fat free. The next step is curing using maple sugar and our own special blend of spices. We then hang them in cotton nets and transfer them to our state-of-the-art smokehouses for cooking and smoking. Using only 100% pure hickory wood means no artificial or chemical smokes are used. Our hams are available in Boneless Baby Doll, Boneless, Semi-Boneless, and Old-Fashioned.

Smoked and Fresh Sausage

Whether it’s Sunday’s family breakfast, or a holiday grill-out, our sausages are the perfect choice. To start, our fresh sausages are made using the entire hog, not the leftover trimmings, which means you get the full flavor that you deserve. Our smoked sausages, which include Slovenian Sausage, Kolbassi, Hot Kielbasa, Smoked Sausage with Cheese, bratwurst, knockwurst, chorizo, andouille and Amish are all made the original way with no fillers and natural hickory wood smoke. To top it off, try our SUPER DOGS. The name speaks for itself. A nine inch natural casing frankfurter with no fillers…so plump and juicy that one is never enough!


All of our bacon is dry-cured, the traditional way, the it is slow smoked over 100% hickory wood. We now offer our bacon in 5 flavors: original, hunky-style, black pepper, sweet vidalia, coffee, Texas, jalapeno and Canadian.


Italian Specialties
From soppressata, prosciutto, capicola, and imported provolones and fontinella cheeses. Some products are made fresh here on location, and others are imported from Arthur Avenue in Little Italy, New York City.


Beef / Steak

Our steaks come from USDA Choice aged beef. Hand-cut and trimmed, our steaks are available in a wide variety of cuts, cut fresh daily from your selection. From the Thick Cut Porterhouse (for the true steaklover) to  Delmonico and Chipped Steaks. We also offer gift-boxed steaks: USDA Choice individually vacuum sealed…a great gift idea!


Other Options
Beef Steamship Rounds
BBQ Chicken
Mouthwatering Ribs with Mom’s Special BBQ Sauce “Hoorah Gravy”