Custom Processing Prices 2022

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Lambs & Goats

Flat Rate: $120 per head | Seasoning: $20 extra


Slaughter: $120| Over 800 lb. carcass: $170
Slaughter of over 30 month beef: $25 extra
Processing: $0.80/lb. | Single item packages: additional $0.85/lb.
Private Labeling: $1.50/lb. (due to extra USDA regulations)
Patties: $1.50/lb. | Chip Steaks: $2.50/lb.
Splitting Charge (half of a half): $20 per party


Slaughter: $100 | Over 300 lb.: $125 | Scalding: $150
Processing: $0.80/lb. | Private Label: $1.00/lb. (due to extra USDA regulations)
Smoking: $0.80/lb.
Sausage in casing: $2.50/lb.

Outside Smoking

$1.50/lb. Slicing and packaging not included. Payment due at time of drop off.

84 Packing Co. is proud to work with a variety of farmers, companies, and individuals to process meats to custom specifications.  We are proud to have an experienced processing crew to offer the very best processing and packaging available.

If you have special requests for specific cuts of meat, please be sure to use our feedback form to let us know what you’re looking for!